WWE Hall of Fame 2016: Watch The Fabulous Freebirds’ Induction (Video)


Watch The Fabulous Freebirds’ WWE Hall Of Fame Introduction.

The annual WWE Hall of Fame ceremony took place again tonight with a new crop of inductees. The best Superstars and Divas from multiple generations are enshrined forever the night before WrestleMania. A special event that gets the fans and those competing at WrestleMania a chance to relax and hear some great tales from the best to ever do it.

One of the newest members in the WWE Hall of Fame were The Fabulous Freebirds’. The NEW DAY inducted them and it was hilarious. There were jokes about sharing a unit together and how well oiled it is. They also got a FreeBirds Rock chant as it obviously correlates with the “New Day Rocks” chants.

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Michael “PS” Hayes and Jimmy Garvin came out and danced around the stage. Hayes and Garvin joked that they need oxygen and Hayes jokingly said, “Thank you and goodnight.” Garvin would quickly grab Hayes and the two would continue the speech. Garvin put over WrestleMania 32 and compared how the attendance would be huge as compared when he debuted. Michael Hayes told a story where the group got an apartment and none of them had the key. Member Terry would kick the door down and they had no door on the first night they owned it. They also destroyed their coffee table at a party and Terry said, “We never drank coffee anyways.”

Garvin and Hayes would pay tribute to the deceased members Terry Gordy and Buddy Rogers by bringing out their sons who are named Ray and Buddy. It was a heartfelt moment and was a great homage to their parents. One they were finished they wanted the Freebirds to tell more stories and Garvin joked that they would be restricted on stories.

Hayes told a story where before they were fierce rivals with the Von Erichs they traveled together. They forced Hayes to go into a strip club even though he knew himself and that a club would not be good for him. He sat next to biker gang member and was starting to getting antagonized by him. Terry Gordy came up and started to talk back and got slapped. The biker pulled a gun on them and they ran for the back and the door was locked. They were able to escape but the biker caught up and shot at them. Terry Gordy began to laugh as they got away and Hayes asked why to which Gordy replied, “Cause he missed.” This story got the audience to erupt in laughter.

Hayes recalled a story where he was shopping with his mother at a young age. He was going after a girl he was attracted to but the moment was ruined by his mom asking a worker where the Husky section was. He also thanked a bunch of people including the WWE writers, which received plenty of boos from the crowd. He also thanked his two ex-wives as he said that they always believed he could make it in wrestling. And he thanked Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for being there for him when he was at his worst points in his life. He also told Shane to calm down and mentioned that he may have peed on Linda McMahon’s back.

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Hayes had Kevin Von Erich come out to the stage and talk. Paying tribute to their longtime rivals who they constantly put over in their speech. Kevin thanked the Freebirds and everyone who watched. Hayes would then sing Bad Street USA to cap off an amazing speech that will be certainly remembered forever.