WWE Hall of Fame 2016: Watch Sting’s Induction (Video)


Watch Sting’s WWE Hall of Fame induction.

The annual WWE Hall of Fame event took place once again on Saturday night. The event showcases legends of the wrestling business and honors them by giving the inductees a chance to speak to the WWE Universe. And the chance to honors those who helped them in their journey in becoming wrestlers.

The last member to be inducted in this year’s class was Sting. The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair inducted Sting. Flair paid his respects to Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper who both, unfortunately, passed away this year. He also gave a shout out to his daughter Charlotte who is the current Divas Champion.

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Sting would come out after Flair went on a long speech. Sting joked that Flair left his notes that he didn’t use and wings everything anyways. Sting said that even though he didn’t know God at the time when he first began wrestling he prayed to him. He prayed that if he could make it in the business that he would give back. He mentioned all the ridiculous merchandise he’s had over the years including a Sting Air Freshener. He told a story of when Seth Rollins had a fanboy moment after their match at Nigh of Champions last year. Sting was being carried out on a stretcher and Rollins was asking Sting relentlessly if he was ok and checked up on him. The WWE Medical Staff told Rollins that he needed to go and he screamed: “Sting I was you for Halloween!” A funny moment to say the least. Sting joked that the real ratings that would have spiked up the shows all happen behind the scenes. He referenced his many characters throughout the years including Joker Sting. Which was a character he played in TNA and surprised the crowd.

In 1998, he said that God pinned him  to the mat and changed his life forever. Making him a better person behind the scenes and beyond. He thanked Triple H for being a great opponent at last year’s WrestleMania. He also thanked the late and great Ultimate Warrior. The fans started to chant one more match and Undertaker. Sting did not respond and instead thanked more people including Seth Rollins, Jim Ross, Road Dogg and fellow 2016 inductee Michael Hayes. Sting joked that Road Dogg saved his life by reminding him to put on his life already before his match with Seth Rollins. He also thanked Ric Flair for being there from the start of his career. He thanked his entire family and shouted out his kids and wife. He also thanked the fans who would chant back THANK YOU STING.

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Sting dropped a bombshell on the fans as he announced that he would be retiring tonight. He would end the speech by grabbing his signature baseball bat and put on his sunglasses while walking around the stage and the fans chanting for him. It is sad to see the legend go, but he went out in style by giving an excellent speech for the ages.