What If Brock Lesnar Loses at UFC 200?


Would a Brock Lesnar loss at UFC 200 severely damage his WWE reputation?

UFC 200 can not come soon enough. When the news dropped earlier this week that WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar would be returning to the octagon for the historic event, I, along with the rest of the WWE and UFC universe, was shocked. When Lesnar’s opponent was announced to be none other than the Super Samoan Mark Hunt, my excitement went through the roof. As a fan of WWE and UFC, I couldn’t have picked a better fight in my dreams.

My excitement on the matter provoked more than a few questions to come to mind. What if the last sight we see of Lesnar’s latest stint in UFC is him lying unconscious at the feet of a victorious Mark Hunt? Could this scenario realistically happen? And if it did, would it even matter?

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Let’s start with a quick preview of the upcoming fight itself. Lesnar’s opponent will be knockout specialist Mark Hunt. While Hunt’s professional MMA record of 12-10-1 may seem a bit pedestrian, the record’s not fooling anyone. At 42 years old, Hunt is the eighth-ranked Heavyweight in the world, and is quickly climbing the ranks. Coming into UFC 200, Hunt has won his previous two fights against respected Heavyweight veterans Frank Mir and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. What’s most impressive about his last two bouts was that Hunt was able to finish both fights by knockout in the very first round.

Speaking of knockouts, 9 out of Hunt’s 12 career wins have been by KO/TKO. Simply put, Mark Hunt’s power is unmatched, and Brock Lesnar would be wise not to underestimate him. If Hunt isn’t known for his power, he most certainly is known for his chin. His ability to take a punch is phenomenal, making him one of the most resilient fighters in the world.

Now all of this isn’t to downplay Brock Lesnar’s ability. The Beast truly has all the talent in the world, but if he’s going to win this fight, his best chance to do so is on the ground. While we certainly won’t see quite the extravagant Suplex City routine that WWE fans are used to, expect Lesnar to go for takedowns early and often. If Lesnar is able to topple Mark Hunt, you can bet it will be by submission or ground and pound.

But let’s return to the possibility of a Lesnar loss. Imagine how the WWE would feel seeing their most prized possession lose at the sport they claim him to be dominant at. With all the fanfare surrounding UFC 200, the results of such a loss would be amplified astronomically. It’s hard to imagine how Lesnar would return to WWE after such an embarrassment.

Simply put, WWE would have to work some magic to raise Lesnar’s stock again. While it would seem ridiculous that WWE would just flat out ignore Lesnar’s loss and never mention it, I wouldn’t put it past them. This actually seems the most likely option to come out of this hypothetical scenario, but just how receptive would WWE fans be to a dominant Lesnar coming after a loss in the sport that he supposedly “conquered”?

It’s all very possible that I’m overthinking things. First and foremost, Brock Lesnar does have a very good chance to beat Mark Hunt, and is widely considered the favorite. Also, even if he loses, there is a chance that WWE fans may simply not care. After all, if you only watched WWE, one would think Brock Lesnar decimated UFC and went undefeated. The reality, however; is far from what WWE would have its fans believe. Lesnar’s MMA record stands at 5-3, and he finished his last stint in UFC with back to back losses. We all know Lesnar loves to conquer streaks, but at UFC 200, it’s his own losing streak that will be on his mind.

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So what do you think? Is there any way Lesnar loses?