WWE Battleground 2016 Results: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya Video Highlights


Becky Lynch looked to settle the score with former ally Natalya in their match at WWE Battleground. Did she succeed?

This past June at Money in the Bank we witnessed a change in character in Natalya after she and Becky Lynch lost their match. They had been in a heated rivalry with Charlotte and her protege Dana Brooke for over a month. After failing in their mutual goal to bring the current Women’s Champion back down to earth, Natalya took her frustration out on Becky Lynch. The brutal beat down at the hands of her former friend lit a fire under the Irish Lass Kicker. These two women would take turns enacting their revenge on a weekly basis which resulted in a match being booked at WWE Battleground.

Becky Lynch was adamant about not wanting to end up on the same brand with Natalya but the WWE Draft 2016 saw them both selected by SmackDown Live. Becky Lynch once again let her frustrations be felt and gave Natalya a beat down that required both women to be separated. This was their last encounter leading into Battleground with each Superstar clearly ready to clash once more.

Becky Lynch came out with an uber serious demeanor and skipped doing her usual ring entrance. The Irish Lass Kicker started off strong and  controlled the action for the first few minutes of the match with some strong take downs. The action was taken to ringside with Lynch having the edge until Natalya used some quick thinking to target Lynch’s knee.

Now in control Natalya continued to take her time while focusing on the weakened knee of Becky Lynch. A quick reversal into what would have been a DisArmHer attempt was reversed by Natalya and then she continued to punish the knee.  We got to see some good heel taunting during this submission leg hold that got Natalya some good heat from the crowd.

Becky continued to struggle through these submissions and could not get on her feet which allowed Natalya to remain in control. She tried to fight through as much as she could but her attempts continued to be deflected by Natalya. More taunting ensued as Becky embraced the know beaten knee as she showed no ability to stand. When she did stand she ended up getting a slap for her effort and then Natalya gave the crowd a bit more taunting.

Becky finally lands an enziguri and starts to build momentum with some quick blows to the now stunned Natalya. She was able to limp into a running “fire” turnbuckle clothesline but her injured leg did now allow to go at full speed.

Becky Lynch hit a hard slap and mustered up enough to hit a Beck-Sploder suplex out of the corner. She went for the cover but Natalya who had sustained very little damage in match was able to kick out before the count of 3. Becky was still slowed by her leg which let Natalya gather herself enough for them both to reverse out of each other’s submission attempts.  Becky succeeded into getting Natalya into position to almost lock in her arm bar but she ended up getting reversed into the sharpshooter.

Becky was able to break the submission hold by reaching for the ropes which triggered the break. She was able to take control for a second with a high kick to Natalya and then went up top and delivered a missile dropkick from the top ropes.  Natalya kicked out and was able to quickly get Becky back into the Sharpshooter.

The Irish Lass Kicker did her best to reach the ropes to trigger another break but Natalya had the submission locked in. After a punishing match that saw her leg essentially give out on her, Becky Lynch tapped out to Natalya’s sharpshooter.

Natalya proved to be the polished veteran in this matchup as she picked up an impressive win over the highly touted Becky Lynch.