Kevin Owens Wins the Universal Title on WWE Raw (Video)

Check out how Kevin Owens won the Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match on WWE Raw to become the Universal Champion.

After Finn Balor was forced to vacate the WWE Universal Championship due to injury, a Fatal 4-Way Elimination match between Big Cass, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins took place on Raw to crown a new champ.

Before the match began, a series of vignettes profiled all four contenders, and their intensity from the montages carried into the ring.

Early on, Big Cass and Roman Reigns controlled the match, pairing off with Rollns and Owens, respectively, and Cass tried to eliminate Rollins early.

Reigns and Cass cleared the ring, and the two heavy-hitters went to work on one another. Reigns attempted a Superman Punch, but Cass hit a devastating big boot to take both men out to the floor.

A ringside melee between all four competitors resulted in all men being laid out. Yet the match continued outside the ring, and Owens dropped an elbow on Cass from the apron. Rollins intervened, trying to capitalize by rolling Cass into the ring and attempting the pinfall, but Cass still had fight left in him.

Owens knocked Rollins out of the ring and had his turn with Cass. The 7-footer persevered long enough for all four men to be in the ring at the same time, and he found his stride with a series of corner splashes and big boots on his opponents.

It looked like Cass was on the way to eliminating Rollins after hitting the Empire Elbow, but after a Superman Punch from Reigns, a kick to the face by Rollins and a frog splash from Owens, Big Cass was pinned and eliminated.

The three remaining men went right at it, and Roman Reigns hit a huge stacked powerbomb on Rollins and Owens off the turnbuckle.

Owens was out of the ring, leaving Reigns to attempt a Superman Punch on Rollins. Seth managed to duck underneath and counter with a falcon arrow, but Roman somehow kicked out of the pin.

Rollins then went for a springboard flying knee, but Roman connected with the Superman Punch. Reigns went for the pin; however, Rollins just barely kicked out.

Kevin Owens got back into the match and took both men off their feet. It was only temporary, though, as Reigns landed another Superman Punch, this time on Owens. Once again, it wasn’t enough, and Owens kicked out of the pin.

Several nearfalls ensued, with no man showing any sign of quitting. The action spilled back outside the ring, where Roman hit the spear on Rollins, but then Triple H appeared out of nowhere to hit a Pedigree on Reigns.

Triple H pushed Reigns into the ring and pushed Rollins on top of Reigns for the pinfall elimination. Next, Triple H set his sights on Kevin Owens, rolling him into the ring as well. It appeared that Triple H was going to hit a Pedigree on KO, but he instead hit it on Rollins.

A shocked Kevin Owens covered Rollins and got the pinfall victory. Triple H handed KO the belt, and the two men celebrated the new Universal Champion.

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