Ranking WWE’s 5 Best New Theme Songs of 2016

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It has been a great year for WWE in a lot of ways. It’s fair to say that the new entrance themes that debuted this year have certainly done their part in making 2016 feel special.

Entrance music is so important in terms of adding to the aura of a WWE superstars. When you think of a guy like The Undertaker, his song comes to mind quickly because we’ve heard it so many times over the last 26 years. That infamous gong sound leading to the organ music is representative of The Undertaker mystique so well. When he entered to a Limp Bizkit track during his biker years it just didn’t have the same feel.

A lot of WWE entrance songs were done by composer Jim Johnston, who was with the company in the 1980s and into the 2000s. In the last few years, WWE sought the help of others to compose their unique tracks.

All of the new tracks in WWE are done by a group called CFO$ Official. Earlier this year, WWE posted a video with the two guys that are part of the group. They spoke about how they try to mix in different sounds for different performers. It’s obvious with the new songs we have heard this year that they are excellent at their jobs.

For the purposes of this column, the only rule I have is that the song had to have debuted on WWE’s main roster or NXT in 2016. If the song was last year then it doesn’t count. Simple, right? Let’s see who made the list for the top five best new WWE theme songs of 2016.