WWE: Better Late Than Neville


With the recent return of Neville, the Welsh native is set to pick up where he left off prior to his injury. When we consider the Cruiserweight Championship, could that title be in his sights? Will he be the first to challenge new champion, TJ Perkins?

Since returning to WWE Raw after an ankle injury, Neville has been on fire. The booking of the man that gravity forgot has shown that the company is dedicated to putting him over because there appears to be a lot at stake with him. Neville has come back and defeated a number of talent that don’t appear in line to be pushed, which has made it that much easier. In defeating the likes of the returning Jinder Mahal, or working alongside Sami Zayn to defeat the recently departed Dudley Boyz, Neville has had very positive results.

It would be easy for Neville to approach his return with some slight hesitation since he is coming back from an injury. With each leap, lunge or jump, the biggest fear for Neville had to be how his leg would hold up to the impact of landing. However, each time he attempted a springboard moonsault to the outside, Neville puts any fear he could have had to the side, and executed. The most successful athletes are those that maintain their move set, clear their mind and execute.  That is exactly what Neville has been able to do.

And he hasn’t just faced the lighter ranks of the roster, he has been pitted against some key names in the main even scene. After facing Kevin Owens, as part of the Universal title build up. Neville followed up by facing Chris Jericho, and although he came up short he was still pitted against a perennial main eventer. That says that the company has confidence in him competing with anyone on the roster because they know that he will offer a solid match regardless of the time he is given. They are assured he will make a 7-10 minute match must-see television because of the risks he takes.

There are a number of reasons for why Neville is being booked the way that he has. He’s under six ft and less than 200 lbs, and something big is about to happen on Raw. On September 14th, the WWE concludes their Cruiserweight Classic. After the winner walks away with the trophy, the Cruiserweight division will begin on Raw. This lends itself to a great deal of possibilities for men that are poised to show WWE fans what they can do if given time to perform. The Cruiserweight division will also have with it a Cruiserweight champion. A number of talented men who have participated in the Cruiserweight Classic are believed to be a part of that division. One man that would fit in that division, and in fact lead it, would be Neville.

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When he first arrived on the scene, he was part of a number of different feuds that worked to some extent, but none were substantial or given a lot of time to build. While he faced the likes of Stardust and King Barrett on a show or two, nothing more came of it. Could Neville have challenged for the Intercontinental championship? One rumor that has been mentioned is that, prior to Neville’s injury, he was anticipated to take part in the Intercontinental Championship Ladder match at Wrestlemania. His involvement would without question have made for some incredible moments in that match. However, a freak accident put him on the shelf.

After the brand split took place, Raw announced that he was coming back from his injury and drafted to that brand. That was key because while guys such as Apollo Crews were drafted during the after show on the WWE Network, Neville was given the recognition of being drafted on Smackdown Live. It was easy to question Neville’s future until the announcement of the newly established Cruiserweight division. The possibilities of whom could battle Neville for the championship include some of the most notable men on the independent circuit and in NXT. Whether it’s Cedric Alexander, Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann or Tommaso Ciampa, Neville is assured to having some solid matches against credible and talented wrestlers.

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The wait to have Neville succeed on the roster is through, as it appears his time to potentially lead a division is now.