WWE Raw: Women’s Division Ranking for September

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The women’s roster on Raw isn’t that deep, but they have a lot of talented women that will be a part of WWE for many years to come.

The trio of Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte, her top rival Sasha Banks and main roster newcomer Bayley are the three women that Raw focuses on the most. Then there’s Nia Jax, who has spent the past two months doing her own thing as she beats everybody in her path.

It’s not easy booking a division with only six women that are active wrestlers, which is why WWE has brought in some women as enhancement talent some weeks as well.

Two Raw women that were drafted that are currently injured are Paige and Summer Rae.

Paige noted in a tweet on Thursday that she’s going to need some surgery on her neck. At this point there’s no word on how much time she might miss, but all WWE fans are certainly wishing her the best and hope she can be back in the ring soon.

Summer Rae has some nagging injuries and should be back soon. She has posted some photos on Instagram from a recent tour of China doing promotional work for WWE.

This is a look at Raw’s women’s division and how they did in the month of September. There are only six women worth writing about, so let’s get to it.