WWE Raw: Women’s Division Ranking for September

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6. Alicia Fox

Fox hasn’t been used that much, but she did have a brief feud with Nia Jax. They did this storyline about how Fox was friends with an enhancement talent wrestler that Jax beat up easily, so Fox had a confrontation with Jax.

The angle they did on Raw with Jax brawling with Fox outside the ring was really well done. Then they had a match at the Clash of Champions on the Kickoff Show with Jax dominating the match and winning in under five minutes.

Due to Fox’s status as a veteran that started with the company back in 2008 (remember the wedding angle with Edge?), she’s earned a respected status as a veteran. Will they ever really get behind her in terms of giving her a push to the Women’s Title? That just doesn’t seem likely.

Fox is locked in as a role player on the Raw brand right now. It’s hard to see her breaking through any time soon.