Tye Dillinger’s Time to Rise in WWE NXT is Now


As a long time wrestler that was previously released by the WWE and now given a second chance with NXT, Tye Dillinger’s time to show the world why he is the perfect 10 is now.

Have you ever heard of the name Gavin Spears? It was some time ago when that name appeared on WWE television, between 2006 and 2008. If the name still doesn’t resonate, fans may have to go as far back as 2006 when Ron “Tye Dillinger” Arneill first appeared in the WWE’s developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling. It was while he was there that he was first known as ‘The Canadian Sensation’ Shawn Spears.

During his time in OVW, he took part in a few feuds, but nothing major truly took place. After he was moved over to Florida Championship Wrestling, Spears captured the Florida Tag Team Championship. He eventually was elevated to the WWE’s ECW brand, splitting his time between ECW and FCW. However, at the beginning of 2009, Arneill was released from his developmental contract. When you put the clues together, Ron Arneill, Shawn Spears, and Gavin Spears are all the same person, and they are none other than current NXT superstar Tye Dillinger.

After competing on the independent circuit for five years, and facing the likes of Elijah Burke and Damien Sandow, he competed for promotions such as TNA and Ring of Honor. His time grinding it out earning a name for himself also provided him with the time to rediscover something that he could tap into. He was once again signed by WWE and has been with the company’s NXT brand since 2013.

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His time hasn’t always been smooth, in fact, it can be said that he’s had his ups and downs with the NXT brand. When he first came back, he formed a team with current WWE Smackdown Live Superstar Jason Jordan. While the team had some success, it was relatively short-term as there was nothing compelling that made fans want to watch them. Sadly, it appeared as though they were a tag team used to enhance other talent on the roster.

After the team split-up, things became much more interesting. As Jason Jordan found a new tag team partner in Chad Gable, Tye Dillinger found…himself. Allow me to explain a little further: Dillinger has been known as a quick study. He is able to learn things in the ring quickly and is then able to use them. As his nickname suggests, he is ‘the perfect 10′. During his promos (when he is given the opportunity to have them) he shines. He manages to convey his belief in himself that he is that good.

While in the ring, each and every movement is filled with different nuances that many fans today find themselves cheering along too. From the moment his music hits, he has generated a reaction. It was the one quality that he was never quite given the opportunity to show, but he now not only shows it, he’s been quite emphatic during each moment he is in the ring. Unlike, the late Curt Hennig who was Mr. Perfect, Dillinger’s belief is that if you were to rank everything he said and did, it would equate to a 10.

He has trained under the likes of former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Eric Young and since has flourished to new heights. What has been unfortunate about Dillinger is that, despite the reaction he generates from fans, he is clearly no further along, despite having a character that is incredibly over.

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What exactly does this mean? As the rosters on both Smackdown Live and Raw have expanded, he sits and waits, attempting to make those around him better. He is without question better than that. He has earned all the success in the world and still is made to sit second fiddle to the likes of No Way Jose. With the number of men rising up the card and being called to join both Raw and Smackdown Live, why couldn’t Tye Dillinger be used as a credible face? The administration sees the type of ovation he receives, the way in which he is able to sell his offense. He has put in the time and effort to show that he is better than simply putting others over. Dillinger can put on convincing matches, and his time is now. After all, a perfect 10 deserves better than that.