WWE WrestleMania 33: Match Card Projections 4.0

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With less than a year to go, Wrestlemania 33 has the potential of creating some incredible scenarios with its matches. Who could possibly face who at the WWE’s biggest event of the year?

It is still months away, but with the winds of change blowing WWE in a different direction, Wrestlemania 33 could provide wrestling fans with a number of new and exciting possibilities. It may be too early to predict just which matches fans can anticipate, but why not try to foresee the future? These match predictions certainly take into consideration just who fans would ideally want to put on the card, and which matches would help tell the best stories leading up to the event.

It is often called the Granddaddy of Them All, and when Wrestlemania happens the focus has been on the event as a spectacle. These ideas are set in an ideal world where everyone remains healthy going into the event, and the matches chosen represent what would work best for the biggest wrestling event of the year. Yes, fans and the promotion want the biggest names on the roster to be on the card, but another consideration is who would add the ‘spectacle’ feel to it. A number of different selections were considered when these matches were coordinated. They feature Raw and SmackDown Superstars, and even a dose of NXT thrown in.

With this in mind, here are eight potential matches that would work best for Wrestlemania 33.