WWE NXT: What Should Be the Goal for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic?


Just like last year, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic needs to create new stars and compelling feuds for NXT going forward.

The inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was a huge success for NXT. First off, it legitimized the Revival as one of the top teams in the division. They scored an upset win and were given the opportunity to showcase their unique style. However, the biggest accomplishment was the foundation for an epic feud between Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. This year WWE should build on the success of the tourney by creating new stars and new feuds going forward.

The tournament is already off on the right foot by creating a strong feud featuring two rising stars in NXT. Bobby Roode abandoned Ty Dillinger in their first round loss. Thereby setting up a rivalry that should serve both competitors. Roode has been a star since he debuted his glorious character on NXT. Meanwhile, Dillinger has slowly earned the admiration of the fans through his “Perfect 10” gimmick. The payoff is a match between the two at NXT Takeover: Toronto. Dillinger will benefit greatly from a strong performance (likely in defeat) against Roode. While Roode is probably heading for a title program in the near future.

So who will be the breakout team from the tournament this year? There are several candidates. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are the most likely to make the finals from their side of the bracket. They face the Revival in the second round and a victory over the champs would set up a title shot. The only other viable option on that side are the Authors of Pain, who aren’t ready to be a top team yet. Expect #DIY to be in the finals and have a great match with whoever they face.

In the other side of the bracket, there are 3 or 4 teams that could breakout. Sanity enjoyed a strong debut and would benefit greatly from winning the tournament. There are also two teams consisting of big stars being put together for the classic. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong could win the whole thing, but both would be served better by losing. As a loss should trigger a feud between the two and establish Strong as a top babyface. In addition, Kota Ibushi and TJ Perkins are also teaming up. This pairing is the likely favorite to reach the finals since that would ensure that Ibushi would be at the NXT Takeover special. Perkins and Ibushi against #DIY is an amazing finals option for the tourney.

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However, there are other possibilities. The Revival and #DIY could take each other out. Thereby setting up their title match for Toronto in addition to the tournament finals. Or the Revival could reach the finals setting up a Gargano and Ciampa grudge match at NXT Takeover. Not to mention a possible Cinderella story like TM-61 making an unexpected run to the finals. Wrestling tournaments are successful when they establish creative avenues in the aftermath of the results. The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic could potentially launch several individual and tag team stars to a new level. Plus it could set intriguing story lines for the future. The booking of the classic over the next few weeks will be interesting to watch.