5 Reasons AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels Shouldn’t Happen

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With social media buzzing over a poster, AJ Styles tweeted of both himself and  Shawn Michaels taking part in a stare down. The question is, at this point in time, is it really a good idea to have them face each other?

A few weeks ago, AJ Styles passed along an image of him and Shawn Michaels facing off against one another. The concept certainly had the social media world buzzing, and the thought of the two of them facing off made fans salivate. However, while reasons why they should face each other had been tossed around, there are good reasons as to why they shouldn’t.

The Phenomenal One is currently at the top of the Smackdown Live world as the current WWE World Heavyweight champion. He faced off against the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and John Cena, and through it all remains as the face that runs the place. And now something as innocent as a photo-shopped poster has created a buzz that has made a number of fans clamor at the possibility, while others whose fandom started after the heyday of Shawn Michaels are left scratching their head as to why they should even care.

Does the possibility of a Shawn Michaels’ help or hinder Styles’ reign?  There are a number of fans that believe it will only benefit him, while this particular list suggests that it’s a bad idea right from its initial concept.