Does Dean Ambrose Facing John Cena Matter Upon WWE Return?


With the two men facing off against each other in a triple threat match against AJ Styles, do the implications of having Dean Ambrose and John Cena culminate with a one on one match mean something greater down the line?

When John Cena returns to Smackdown Live, he will face criticism on screen. Whether or not that was due to real backstage strife due to his return is another story. As many have seen in the past, the growing animosity towards Cena by Dean Ambrose has been quite interesting. Fans may not have anticipated that Ambrose would not only verbally laid into Cena, but jump at any chance to physically beat down the face that runs the place as well. Whether it is based on professional jealousy or not, Cena and Ambrose facing off against one another tells a unique story.

As part of the No Mercy build up, Ambrose, Cena and AJ Styles squared off against one another in not only a war of words, but physical battles as well. While you would have thought that some of that animosity would be directed towards the champion, in fact, the challengers spent the majority of the time getting in each other’s faces. This begged the question, did Styles need to make this match happen, or were these two headed for a collision course regardless of his involvement? Regardless of the answer, we’ll explore whether or not having these two face each other is really necessary.

This battle between Ambrose and Cena appeared in some ways of being a passing of the torch, a passing that many believe would not have happened if Cena not going to be away for a prolonged period of time, or if Ambrose was part of a different program with a different challenger. Cena has often said that all roads go through him, but if we consider who the top face of the brand is, it would be hard to dispute that if it is not Cena, then it is Ambrose. The need for these two to have not only a match, but a fairly longstanding feud is beneficial not only for Cena, but for Ambrose as well. In recent weeks, Cena has laid down, and thus helped  tell the story.

Despite facing criticism for ‘always winning’ and ‘never putting over other talent’, Cena is committed to the story. Ambrose in comparison is not only making claims about Cena’s behavior, but is backing up his words when they face each other one-on-one.  They’ve met before, in different circumstances and at different times. This time; however, it appears to be not only what Ambrose needs to garner the attention of a fanbase that has jeered him recently (whether he publicly acknowledges it or not,) but what Cena needs as well since feuding with AJ Styles simply isn’t enough.

The time has come for both Ambrose and Cena to finally slug it out and leave nothing. The ‘lazy part-timer’ won’t argue that with words, but with his fists. Cena vs Ambrose appears to be best for all involved as Smackdown Live programming continues to evolve.

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The feud could be considered unnecessary because of the position of both men. After all, Ambrose was in the middle of a feud with Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Both men could have put on a convincing enough program without the interjection of a third man. Ambrose could easily have been upset enough that he wanted to make Styles’ life a living hell leading into No Mercy.

The stakes could have easily been raised too, leading up to No Mercy, as more emphasis could have been put on the fact it is a ‘no disqualification matchup’. The fantasy booking aside, it simply adds continuity to the story, and allows for fans to see how unhinged Ambrose truly could be when given the chance.

Fans were witness to all that Ambrose planned and executed at Wrestlemania. Cena’s involvement in anything Ambrose is doing could be considered a distraction and a demonstration of a lack of faith in someone that has committed his time to the company, and has been so well-received by the fans.

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Whether we like it or not, Cena and Ambrose may be better of finally having it out when Cena returns in a program that could be beneficial to both, but could also be detrimental depending on who is the winner, of the feud.