WWE: 15 Predictions for 2017

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Come with us as we look into the crystal ball and predict what will happen in WWE in 2017.

With the end of 2016 rapidly approaching. it’s time for us to look forward to the next twelve months. With that in mind, we have looked into our crystal ball to predict what may happen within the ropes of WWE in 2017.

There’s a whole lot of content to come from WWE in 2017. With Raw, SmackDown Live and at least one pay-per-view every month, plus all things NXT, 205 Live and shows like Total Divas there are a lot of creative decisions to be made. Everybody may not be happy with everything, but if anything is true it will definitely be interesting.

We already have some ideas of where WWE is heading in the early months of the year, with matches for the Royal Rumble being set up on both Raw and SmackDown Live. There’s a whole host of men and women who look to be heading for big things in 2017. The main event picture on both shows could do with a little freshening up, but who can make the step up to bigger and better things in the next twelve months?

Where will the entire landscape of WWE stand at the end of 2017? Who from the Indy circuit will have made the move to WWE? What can we expect from NXT? Where will some of your favorite stars be positioned come the end of the year?

Follow along with us and we’ll tell you where we think WWE is headed in the year of 2017.