Chris Hero Returns to WWE NXT as Kassius Ohno (Video)

Chris Hero has returned to WWE NXT under the Kassius Ohno name.

In December, we noted the Wrestling Observer reports of Chris Hero being set to return to WWE in NXT. He departed in 2013 and has since starred on the independent wrestling scene for a number of years. He has appeared on ROH, PWG, and EVOLVE, among other promotions during this time.

On Thursday night, after three years away from WWE, Hero has returned. He showed up during the final segment of the NXT taping under his former moniker, Kassius Ohno. WWE posted this on their Facebook Live, something they do not normally do. They used the caption, “Shinsuke Nakamura says #ThankYou to the WWE NXT Universe after the last taping before #NXTTakeOver!” Why would they show something that happens at the end of almost every NXT taping or live event?

Well, here you go:

Triple H also gave the customary handshake on Twitter and welcomed back the former Florida Championship Wrestling star in this photo below:

Hero returning to WWE may be part of the previously noted “signing mode” that the company is in, according to PW Insider. They most recently signed four women’s wrestlers, making this official on Wednesday.

The addition of Hero/Ohno will add to the growing base of wrestlers in the NXT pipeline. He’s no stranger to the wrestling business at age 37, but offers a wealth of experience and is a notable name, something NXT is arguably in need of. With all the summer call-ups and the potential departure of Samoa Joe to the main roster (he did not appear at this taping until the very end), more bodies are going to be needed and ones that fans recognize.

So, Chris Hero is back in NXT as Kassius Ohno. Thoughts?