Kurt Angle’s Top 10 WWE Matches

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Kurt Angle, WWE.com

Breaking down future legend Kurt Angle’s best WWE matches.

On January 16th news broke that Kurt Angle would headline the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class.  Angle as a member of the Hall is a no-brainer.  He’s a 6-time WWE world champion as well as the fifth ever Grand Slam champion, having captured the Intercontinental title, United States title, the tag team title, and the European title.  He’s won a King of The Ring, he’s headlined a Wrestlemania, and he was without question one of the very best workers and personalities in the company for the better part of a decade.  If anyone screams first ballot Hall of Famer, it’s “The Olympic Hero”.

But in 2006 when Angle asked for his release from the WWE, it wasn’t on the best terms and made it seem that a future reunion might never happen.  For the 8 years that he was in the WWE, Angle churned out classic match after classic match and he kept that going when he signed with TNA.  At 48 years old, the guy can still absolutely bring it and now that he’s reunited with the WWE would they dare run him out there again?  The dream matches that he could participate in are mouth-watering to wrestling fans.  While we ponder that idea, let’s take a look at the past.

Ahead we break down Kurt Angle’s top 10 WWE matches.

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