Matt Riddle Dropped the Quote of the Year on Triple H (Video)


While previewing a CZW show, Matt Riddle created one of the best quotes of the year.

Matt Riddle has taken on the independent wrestling scene for the past two years and has become a sensation. From his appearances in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla to EVOLVE, Riddle has become a well-known name since his departure from MMA.

The 31-year-old is outspoken, which has helped push his popularity. He recently said he wants to “retire” Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, linking their MMA backgrounds together on the Grandest Stage of Them All (h/t Pro Wrestling Sheet).

Well, this has gone one step further. CZW posted a preview video for Riddle’s debut for the promotion. He’ll face David Starr at CZW’s 18th Anniversary Show. Riddle’s Progress Wrestling Atlas Championship and Starr’s wXw Shotgun Championship will be on the line. During this clip, Triple H was brought up after WWE being linked to the former UFC star multiple times (h/t Wrestling News).

So what does Riddle do? He drops an early candidate for Wrestling Quote of the Year by saying, “Triple H can’t keep my f–king name out of his mouth”. That, and a handful of other words that are NSFW in this terrific preview of the match.


Riddle’s stock is high in the world of professional wrestling, and it seems inevitable that he’ll make it to the WWE. When that happens remains to be seen, as there hasn’t been much speculation about when he could make the jump to the Leader in Sports Entertainment in 2017. One thing’s for sure, however — he’s showing the ability to make a name for himself. That won’t be able to happen with the NSFW language in WWE since it’s a PG product; but if he can drop promos similar to this, there’s potential for superstardom.

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Would you want Matt Riddle in WWE? Or is him staying on the independent scene better?