WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Results: What’s Luke Harper’s Direction?


Despite the loss to Randy Orton, Luke Harper showed he’s capable of being in big matches with top stars. But what’s next for Harper after WWE Elimination Chamber?

With the fans chanting “this is awesome,” Luke Harper may have shown that he is ready for a major push in the WWE. His match with Randy Orton was certainly the best of the night so far.

This was an important match for Luke Harper. Win or lose, this was going to be the match that would test if he could be trusted in big matches. Despite the loss, he succeeded. Hopefully, this is just the start of something huge for the bearded behemoth.

Luke Harper has gotten over with the fans in recent months. It’s evident as they join him as he exclaims “yeah, yeah, yeah.” Consider it today’s version of Daniel Bryan’s “yes” chant. But he’s also someone who has a unique look that sets him apart from much of the roster.

Sure, Dean Ambrose also wears jeans and a wife beater shirt. But Ambrose doesn’t look like someone who came out of an episode of Duck Dynasty.

But during his match with Randy Orton at Elimination Chamber, Luke Harper showed that he can be a face. He got the crowd to cheer before performing different moves in the match. His eyes are able to help tell the story without much needing to be said. This is a man who spent nearly a decade on the independent circuit and was one of the best big men outside of the major promotions.

Harper has shown the potential to be able to find success on his own. This isn’t the first time he has split away from the Wyatt Family. He and Erick Rowan were “set free” back in September 2014 as both men were on to singles careers. While Rowan was often found on the lower-card, Harper had a rivalry with Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Luke Harper would win the championship, which he held for less than a month. While it wasn’t a long reign, he was seen as someone deserving of a mid-card championship. There’s a good chance that Harper could be someone in line to win the Intercontinental Championship again; or maybe more.

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If Bray Wyatt can somehow win the WWE Championship later tonight inside the Elimination Chamber, Luke Harper could find himself as a possible challenger against his former family member. But things will be interesting to see where Harper goes as we continue the Road to WrestleMania.