5 Best NJPW Stars Right Now

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With New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) beginning to become more and more popular in North America, we look at who are the top five stars in the promotion right now.

For the past few years New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) has begun to grow in popularity in the United States and Canada. The promotion has began to become more Western Culture oriented and has began to gain an audience outside of Japan.

Thanks to its NJPWWorld.com site, fans from all over the world are able to watch many of the promotions big events and classic events from the past. The site is very similar to the WWENetwork and the site has help spread the promotion outside of Japan.

NJPW has also began to bring in English commentators, which make learning about the wrestlers and their stories alot easier for English speaking fans. Top commentators such as Jim Ross, Kevin Kelly, Matt Striker, and Steve Corino have lend their voices to NJPW.

NJPW has also entered partnerships with companies such as Ring of Honor who will send NJPW talents to the states to compete in ROH. This has caused fans in the states to begin to follow New Japan Pro Wrestling, as they see great NJPW stars battle in ROH they want to continue watching them.

The promotion has also caught the eye for the first time in years by WWE as the mega company has began to hire former talents from NJPW. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and Shinsuke Nakamura are all former NJPW talents.

But who are the top stars in NJPW at the moment? This list will break down who are the top five stars currently competing in NJPW.