WWE: 3 Reasons Finn Balor’s Balor Club Should Form

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Prior to his injury, WWE fans speculated whether Finn Balor would form the Balor Club as the WWE registered the trademark in the build up to his main-roster debut but this never came to fruition.

However, WWE christened the stable of Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and AJ Styles as ‘The Club’. Styles is now on Smackdown Live which leaves the remaining members fighting to keep the Bullet Club spirit afloat on Raw’s three hour waters.

Bullet Club, arguably the world’s most dominant faction has plagued every major wrestling promotion there is. From Ring of Honour to New Japan, What Culture Pro Wrestling to Chikara. They possess a litany of highly accomplished wrestlers such as The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and Adam Cole. The list is too sweet to savor. WWE then suddenly sucked up a previous incarnation of the Bullet Club early 2016.

Ever since, they have portrayed a lesser, knock off version of this global phenomenon known as The Club. Having penetrated the main roster in style by taking out the Usos, the wind blew their way and they finally set sail on Raw’s choppy ocean. It was a long voyage into 2016 that saw poor booking stall their momentum and the WWE cast them out to dry having lost a number of bouts.

Ever since Balor made his debut, he has kept his distance from Anderson and Gallows. With the time he had on the main roster, Balor largely sported his signature ‘Balor Club’ t-shirt. WWE have not given us a real reason as to why the name has not transcended mere marketing onto the main roster.

Should the Balor Club be created? Here are three reasons: