Top 10 ROH Stars of All Time

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Counting down ROH’s 10 greatest stars of all time.

Ring of Honor opened its doors on February 23rd of 2002 with a very original, yet simple idea for American professional wrestling.  Under ROH rules was their “code of honor” which was their 5 basic laws for how a wrestler behaved inside the ring.  Much like Japanese wrestling, this code prevented the combatants from breaking rules, which has been a pro wrestling mainstay for over a century.  Each wrestler must shake hands before the match, not except any outside interference, never harm an official, and never sneak attack an opponent.  The best part of this concept was that since there were very specific rules to Ring of Honor, breaking them was almost taboo and as such was used as a vehicle to help get the heels over while protecting their baby faces.

ROH’s style and quick rise in fans led to the company going and signing some of the best wrestlers who are now currently some of professional wrestling’s biggest stars.  From Samoa Joe, to AJ Styles, to Daniel Bryan, to Seth Rollins, the list goes on and on, ROH seemed clearly to be one of the main vehicles to super-stardom.  The company relies on the actual wrestling part of the business as opposed to silly gimmicks and overdone story lines.  Basically, ROH is for adults who really love the sport.

So based on all of this, Ring of Honor has had its’ fair share of great superstars.  Ahead we take a look at their top 10 of all time.