Roman Reigns: Is He Worthy of Retiring The Undertaker?


Is Roman Reigns worthy of retiring the Undertaker?

When you think about Roman Reigns, he’s the big guy from The Shield, or the guy who everyone loves to hate. It seems as if WWE just want the fans to get behind the big Samoan and to make him the face of the company, and the fans are just not cooperating. While Reigns has been a champion on every level, is he worthy of retiring the Undertaker on the Grandest Stage of Them All?

When we ask ourselves if Reigns should be the one retiring the Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania, we must look at the type of wrestler who we as fans think is worthy of such a task. I think we can all agree that not just anyone should be gifted this sacred job. The prime candidate for most of us should have a history laden with accomplishments within the business. The person who ends the Undertaker’s career should be of legendary status just like the Undertaker, right? They should have held titles and made great strides within the squared circle. But is that Roman Reigns?

Is Roman Reigns a legend? At this point in his career, he’s not. Will he be one day? Well, that remains to be seen. Certainly, something as big as retiring the Undertaker would be a huge step into that direction. Is the Big Dog decorated enough, so to speak, to be in the position of retiring someone of the Undertaker’s reputation? It could be argued that yes, he is. He has been a multi-world heavyweight champion and he has also held the United States championship title. In his days with The Shield, he was even co-holder of the tag team championship titles. He has been cheered and he has been booed. Are those things enough to make him worthy of retiring a name such as the Undertaker? For me, no, they aren’t.

Reigns is being pushed to be the face of the company and not many fans want that at all. The audience is divided on whether or not to like the guy and it seems as if no sooner than WWE can get the crowd behind him, they do something to somehow have them hate Reigns before he can realize his full push. To have Reigns defeat the Undertaker, and in that defeat, retire the Dead Man, one would have to think that it would only make him more hated by the audience.

There are far more worthy opponents to be in the ring opposite the Undertaker for his final match. This isn’t to say that Reigns isn’t talented or worthy of big matches at the biggest show of them all, but simply to say that there are more that would make more sense. There are more within the company who have a greater history with the Undertaker, more within the company who at this stage, have a greater skillset than does Reigns.

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The bottom line is clear for me when asked if Roman Reigns is worthy to retire the Dead Man, the American Badass, the Phenom, we call the Undertaker. Maybe ten years down the line you’d get a totally different answer from me, but right now, no, he is not, not at this stage and point in his career.