WWE: Should Enzo Amore and Big Cass Break Up?


Bada Boom, Bada Bing, Could there be a heel turn coming between Enzo Amore and Big Cass on WWE Raw?

Enzo Amore and Big Cass are arguably one of the most liked tag teams in the WWE today. Fans hear the music and lose their minds, knowing they are about to be entertained. The mic work is unlike anyone else’s in the company right now. Some may say it even takes them back to the days of basic thuganomics. I find it hard to argue that, and would pay good money to see that battle of the words go down.

To be fair, though, it is Amore who steals the verbal show. While Cass does some talking, he leans on Enzo to carry the promos. When it comes to getting in the ring and backing up those promos, well that is where Cass shines brightest. If Enzo is the promo powerhouse for the duo, Big Cass is the in-ring powerhouse, making the big hits giving them a shot at the win.

Let’s be honest here, Enzo doesn’t have the most talent once the bell rings. Granted, he came to WWE with no wrestling experience at all, so surely he has made plenty of progress. The problem that I see is simple though. He can’t carry a match without a guy like Cass in his corner. Winning a match without a guy like Cass in his corner, well those chances are even slimmer. In fact, we have seen that even as a team, wins are few and far between for the these two. Maybe that’s why, while everyone else is hoping for a title win at WrestleMania, let’s hope for a split of the Realest Guys in the Room.

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I can see so much coming from a split with these two guys. The storyline could be great if handled the right way. Everyone would say that it isn’t a believable split, but really, again, if done the right way it could be made to be believable. Think about it this way. Once again, they lose at Mania, with Enzo, of course, taking the pin or causing the loss. This is where Cass turns on him.

The seven-footer rarely takes a loss, if he has at all (unless of course, it was due to an Enzo blunder), and in general, he is usually pretty dominant while in the ring. He has major potential for big things in the company, but not if he’s dragging the dead weight that is Enzo. The former NXT star is not consistent in his in-ring performances. He rarely has any big moves and is rarely in control. He is typically the one who is either being pinned, or causing his partner to be pinned.

Now, back to how Cass turning on Enzo can be made believable. Enzo takes the pin at WrestleMania and Cass is beyond frustrated that they can never get the win when it matters. He takes the mic and lays into Enzo. He berates him for holding him back, for never doing anything for the team. Now, to keep the humor level in this that these guys are known for in promos, Enzo takes a mic and is apologizing. Cass cuts him off, telling him that he’s done carrying dead weight and Enzo better learn to handle the business on his own. I can see Enzo, again with the humor, pointing out that Cass isn’t as good on the mic as he is, to which Cass replies mic skills don’t win matches, before attacking Enzo.

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This scene would end with a crumpled Enzo Ambrose in the middle of the ring, and Cass leaving, hands held high, to a raucous round of boos. Instantly Cass is a huge heel and his partner is probably more over than he’s ever been as a face. The story lines that could come from it would be great if done right. Cass can advance his career and Enzo can get more in-ring training without holding Cass back from main roster work. All in all, splitting these two guys could be the best thing for both of their careers, and it could make for good TV for us fans, especially with a match topping the feud off at Bad Blood in July.