Sami Zayn Provided the Greatest GIF in WWE History at the Hall of Fame Ceremony


Sami Zayn reacting to Roman Reigns getting booed by the WWE fans at the Hall of Fame ceremony became the greatest GIF ever.

Sami Zayn is somewhat known for his facial expressions and body language in the ring. This was on display in NXT, and helped make him into a fantastic babyface, one who had always been in a mask in Ring of Honor. It has since gone away somewhat with Zayn’s booking, but he is still one of WWE’s best underdogs.

Zayn has also provided some of WWE’s best in-ring moments over the past few years. He’s not too known for it outside the ring, but at Friday night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, he gave us a legendary GIF.

Roman Reigns gets booed in just about every arena he goes to. This includes the Amway Center for the Hall of Fame ceremony, as he got shown on camera early in the show. As he appeared, Zayn slowly peered off to Reigns’ left side with a huge smile and a bit of a chuckle as the former Shield man got booed. It made for perfect timing and one heck of a GIF.

Oh, Sami — please never change, especially for creating hilariously unintentional moments like this. It’s phenomenal and made for a perfect response to the crowd reaction Reigns received from the WWE fans.

This may be the Underdog from the Underground’s best moment of WrestleMania 33 weekend, even with the show having yet to take place. Unless he wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the Kickoff Show, it’s going to be impossible to top this.

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Sami Zayn doing things like this makes people love him. The facial expression and historically-great timing cemented his status as maybe the man of WrestleMania weekend.