ROH Supercard of Honor XI Preview

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The Hardys (c) vs the Young Bucks in a Ladder Match for the ROH Tag Team Championships

The Hardys debuted at Manhattan Mayhem and challenged the Young Bucks for their Tag Team Championships. The Jacksons accepted the Hardys’ challenge and subsequently lost the belts to the Broken brothers.

At the 15th Anniversary Show, the Hardys retained in a brutal triple threat street fight as they defeated the Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice. Matt and Jeff walked out with Matt and Nicks’ “SuperKick Title” belts.

Since then, the Young Bucks reminded Adam Cole he wasn’t their leader and the Hardys reminded Impact Wrestling they don’t own them.

Regardless of gimmicks and stables, this match has every possibility to be a tag team classic. The first encounter between these two teams was fantastic. The second was filled with vicious spots that showcased the insane lengths both sets of brothers would go to for the belts.

Add a Ladder Match stipulation and what more can you ask for? There will be ladders, there will be a superkick party, and there will be special moments.

If the Hardyz win they throw a wrench in all the WWE rumors and continue their ridiculously hot run in the honorable ring. If the Young Bucks win, they defeat an iconic tag team and add more to their impressive resume.

Once again, regardless of the outcome, the fans win.