WWE WrestleMania 33 Predictions

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Predicting the winners and losers for Sunday’s Wrestlemania 33.

On paper, I don’t feel all that great about Sunday’s Wrestlemania 33 pay-per-view.  None of the matches really jump out as potential show-stealers.  Sure, the Cruiserweight Championship, the RAW Women’s Championship, and the United States Championship matches look to be solid tilts, but with 13 matches scheduled for the main card, will those bouts actually get enough time to shine?  Or will the show be minutes-heavy with the matches that feature part-time workers and non-wrestlers?  If the latter is the route they go, wrestling fans might be in for a very long and frustrating night.

Analyzing the card could make one scratch their head.  The Universal Championship is being contested between 2 guys who’ve wrestled in a combined 36 matches in the past 13 years in Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker is wrestling in a match that most people don’t want to see against Roman Reigns, and the best wrestler on the roster, AJ Styles, is taking on Shane McMahon, a non-wrestler.  It makes one wonder if someone in WWE creative is not just asleep at the wheel, but maybe doesn’t even know how to start the car.

So Sunday night could be very interesting.  The WWE better come up with some surprises or the show might go south fast.  But hey, it can’t be any worse than Wrestlemania 32, right?  Right?  No, come one.

Now even though there is some concern about how Wrestlemania 33 turns out, it’s still always fun to try and predict what may go down in advance.  Ahead are the predictions for the Wrestlemania 33 match card, pre-show and main card.