WWE WrestleMania 33 Predictions

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Non-Sanctioned Match: Triple H vs Seth Rollins

The Seth Rollins/Triple H feud has slowly but surely become one of the most compelling stories going on in the WWE.  2 months ago the narrative was pretty simple.  Rollins, feeling wronged by Triple H’s betrayal wanted a match with “The Game” and it seemed targeted for Wrestlemania.  But on January 30th, Triple H’s new henchman, Samoa Joe, attacked Rollins as he was heading to ring to confront Hunter and legitimately injured his surgically repaired knee.  Suddenly there was a new story and the question was now whether or not Rollins would even be physically cleared to wrestle at the show.  This led to the non-sanctioned style match and the prospect of some intriguing pro wrestling.

There are so many directions this match could go in.  Will it be just a one-sided beatdown of Rollins so someone can come to his rescue?  Will Rollins battle through adversity and find a way to win?  Samoa Joe has nothing scheduled that night.  Will he get involved somehow?  One way or the other, this should be good.  Rollins might still be injured but even a limited Rollins is still very good.  And Triple H, the guy gets into better shape seemingly every day.

So here’s the deal.  In reality, Triple H has a massive ego which makes it seem unlikely that he’ll lose to an injured Rollins.  So my guess is that Seth gives a courageous, spirited battle, but eventually succumbs to the “Cerebral Assassin”.  But don’t be shocked if you not only see Samoa Joe but a returning Finn Balor get involved as well.

Winner: Triple H