WWE WrestleMania 33 Predictions

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Singles Match: The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

Ok, this whole Reigns thing is getting out of control.  For a guy who’s pretty much universally hated, he keeps getting afforded opportunity after opportunity.  Not only did he hijack the main event scene for over two years despite a chorus of boos upon every entrance, in battling The Undertaker, he’s now being bestowed the biggest Wrestlemania honor there is.  Granted, Taker has had some ridiculous Mania opponents in the past, Giant Gonzalez and The Big Bossman immediately come to mind, but The Deadman is now at a point in his career where he’s only wrestling once or twice per year and as such, the company needs to maximize his appearances.

Plus, if this is The Undertaker’s final match, then this cannot be a clean win from Reigns.  The outrage from the WWE Universe would be astounding.  If Reigns is going to win this match, he better cheat to do it. This will then lead to a full heel turn from Roman, something he desperately needs.  If he’s going to be treated like a “bad guy” then he’s better off just being one.

But there is a way that two scenarios work here.  The Undertaker defeats Reigns, clean in the center of the ring.  Reigns, not able to handle the loss, viciously attacks his conqueror with a steel chair and leaves him in a heap.  Reigns walks out to a chorus of boos and thus starts his heel turn.  I wouldn’t even mind then seeing a return match at SummerSlam.  I’m picking this scenario to play out Sunday.

Winner: The Undertaker