WWE WrestleMania 33 Predictions

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United States Championship Match: Chris Jericho (c) vs Kevin Owens

This is one of the few matches Sunday night that could possibly steal the show.  This feud went from zero to sixty in a big way on the February 13th episode of RAW when Owens ended Jericho’s “Festival of Friendship” prematurely in the form of a savage attack.  Y2J then left television for a couple of weeks before resurfacing at Fastlane on March 5th, ultimately costing Owens The Universal Championship.  The action has been simmering for a few weeks and will come to a head Sunday in what should be an outstanding match for Jericho’s United States title.

There is one big x-factor however in the potential outcome of this match.  It was reported all the way back in January by wrestlingworldnews.com that Jericho will be leaving the WWE after ‘Mania to go back on tour with his band Fozzy and work on some other projects.  This, unfortunately, leaves little, to no doubt about who’s going to win this match.  Jericho’s not going to take U.S. title with him, that’s for sure.  So although should be a hard-hitting, personal battle, Owens is going to win and most likely he’s going to cheat to do it.

This would be another huge for win for Owens as he would become a triple crown champion in less than two years on the main roster.  Throw in that he’s a former NXT champion and we’re talking about a serious WWE resume from a guy who was only signed in August of 2014.  Now although it seems like an Owens win is a foregone conclusion, if and when Jericho returns to the WWE, this match could tell a lot about whether or not their feud will pick up again.  Let’s hope the door stays on for the future of this rivalry.

Winner and new champion: Kevin Owens