WWE WrestleMania 33’s Stage is Officially Completed (Video)


WWE sent New Day to introduce everyone to the completed WrestleMania 33 stage.

WrestleMania 33 is anticipated for the importance of the show, the big-time matches that are only seen once per year and the other long-lasting moments that will be created. It makes for the biggest spectacle in all of wrestling, with millions tuning in to watch.

An underrated part of the build, which only begins a few days before the event, is the creation of the WrestleMania stage. WWE designs unique sets for this, using the host city as the theme. We’ve seen this in 2013 at MetLife Stadium, 2004 at Madison Square Garden and other past WrestleMania events.

Well, with WrestleMania 33’s stage, it’s seemingly complete, as WWE brought out the New Day to formally introduce it to the fans. A globe is seen that’s reminiscent of Universal Studios, a rollercoaster to highlight rides at the theme parks (and “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” catchphrase) and a ring on top of a ring. See WWE’s grand showcase of the stage below:

This is different from any of the WrestleMania stages we’ve seen over the past few years, including the ones for 31 and 32 having similarities in design. So to see WWE going an extra level with this is great and adds to the spectacle that is the Grandest Stage of Them All.

One of the first things that come to mind, is what will Shane McMahon jump off? Will it be the ring on top of a ring? How about on the rollercoaster tracks? Maybe it’s literally on top of the world? That would make for a heck of a visual.

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What do you think of this completed WrestleMania stage? Does it fit the profile for “The Ultimate Thrill Ride?”