Kurt Angle Speaks out on Potential WWE In-Ring Return


Kurt Angle speaks to Jonathan Coachman on ESPN following his WWE Hall of Fame Induction about returning to a WWE ring and the future.

Rumors started as far back as December of last year, when Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Kurt Angle was telling indie bookers he would be with WWE in April.

On Friday, he spoke to ESPN‘s Jonathan Coachman, being queried what the future had planned for Angle. He answered:

"“I know I’m going to take, more or less, an ambassador role. I do know there’s a chance of Kurt Angle wrestling again. I also know that I’m going to have to earn their [WWE] trust and I understand that […] The more I show that I can be depended on, the more they’re going to let me do; So, I really think Kurt Angle’s not done wrestling, and I think it’s safe to say that I will be wrestling in that WWE ring again.”"

Despite this, there is still some doubt surrounding a return to WWE action.

“He would have to pass a physical, and obviously — at best — it would be very limited.” — The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports.

One last run for the WWE seems a safe investment. This is made even more true with the reception he received for the Hall of Fame

Since his release from WWE in 2006, Angle has been wrestling on and off.  His most recent match coming against Cody Rhodes in a steel cage match for Northeast Wrestling only last month.

This means that we can expect a degree of quality in his matches if he returns. Compared to legends brought back in recent memory, this will be a breath of fresh air

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Kurt Angle, if we are to believe what he says, will be back in a WWE ring soon. Can we expect him on our television screens anytime soon?