Will The Undertaker’s Last WWE Match Be at WrestleMania 33?


Is there any indication of The Undertaker’s last WWE match taking place at WrestleMania 33 just hours before the show?

The Undertaker is entering his 25th WrestleMania match at WrestleMania 33. He’ll face Roman Reigns in one of the top bouts at the show, one that has been heavily hyped on Raw. This includes physical battles and face-offs.

Heading into this match, speculation has surrounded the Dead Man’s health. PW Insider reported there being concern over his future with a hip replacement potentially needed, leading to talk of WrestleMania 33 being his last. WWE hasn’t noted Taker’s health in storyline, if that’s anything to take away.

So, will this WrestleMania be the end of Undertaker? It will depend on a handful of things.

If this Reigns match closes the show over two top title feuds, then you can bet it’s this for a reason. The Big Dog would defeat the Phenom, who gets one last sendoff into the night to end his WWE career. The 60,000 in attendance can cheer and clap, maybe in grander fashion than his WrestleMania Streak ending in 2014.

However, Undertaker can always win and have this be his last match. He would go out on top and disappear into the night … until he inevitably gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Then, there’s if he loses, but returns. WWE can always choose to have Reigns defeat him and still come back for one last match at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, LA. How about against John Cena, everyone’s favorite dream opponent for him?

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Undertaker’s WWE status could be known by the end of his match at WrestleMania 33. We may still be dealing with post-show questions too, like the ones previously highlighted. Until he actually hangs up the boots, though, he is still an active WWE Superstar.