WWE WrestleMania 33 Results: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Nia Jax Highlights


What would happen during the Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 33? Did we get a new champion?

Bayley’s road to the Raw Women’s Championship was quicker than expected, as she won the belt nearly two months before WrestleMania 33. She then ended Charlotte’s pay-per-view streak at Fastlane, potentially the most surprising and head-scratching moment of 2017.

However, the Show of Shows has arrived, meaning it’s Bayley’s time to defend the title. She’ll do so against Charlotte, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks in an Elimination match. It ended up being a hard-hitting contest, but which woman walked out with the belt?

Things broke down immediately, as Jax went through everyone in the ring. She and Charlotte then went head-to-head, making for the unique heel vs. heel matchup.

The first to go would be Jax, as Bayley, Charlotte and Banks teamed up to get her out. They did a Shield-esque triple powerbomb to create the first elimination.

This brought us the three-way that it maybe should have been all along. At first, this would be highlighted by a corkscrew moonsault from the Nature Girl. She and Sasha then battled head-to-head in the ring. It led to Charlotte getting a pin after throwing her into the exposed turnbuckle, leaving Bayley as the only other one remaining.

Bayley ended up winning with the Macho Man Elbow, of all moves. Interesting way to come out on top, but it’s her said-hero.

Bayley gets her first WrestleMania match and a successful title defense out of it. A good night for her, and not so much for the others. She went clean over Charlotte, so that may push her out of the picture. Does it keep Banks around, though, after WrestleMania 33?

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With the Raw Women’s Championship having concluded, what did you think of it? Did the right Superstar win?