WWE WrestleMania 33 Results: Neville vs. Austin Aries Highlights


Who won the Cruiserweight Championship match between Austin and Neville at Wrestlemania 33?

When Neville defeated Rich Swann at the 2017 Royal Rumble, the Cruiserweight division finally got the shot in the arm it so desperately needed.  Ever since the amazing Cruiserweight Classic ended in September, the 205’ers have had a hard time connecting with the WWE audience.  The problem may have been that the first three champions, TJ Perkins, Brian Kendrick, and Rich Swann were guys who were either brand new, or hadn’t been around for awhile.  So when Neville snatched up the belt, a former NXT champ and major competitor on the main roster, the division instantly gained a massive amount of credibility.

Enter Austin Aries.  A 13 year veteran of the sport, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” has picked numerous titles and honors outside of the WWE and if his days in Ring of Honor and TNA are any indication of what he’s capable of, could be a massive star in the WWE.  He’ll get his first chance to shine under the bright lights of Wrestlemania Sunday.

This should be a really, really good battle.  But how did it turn out?  Read ahead to find out.

Aries came out first to a huge ovation from the Citrus Bowl crowd.

And the champ was right behind him.

An audible “Austin Aries” chant resonates throughout the 70,000 in attendance.  It was a chess match early as the traded techniques leading a Last Chancery attempt from Aries and Neville retreated to the floor.  Aries began to take over and got a 2-count after a flying elbow.  But just as it look good for “A-Double”, Neville came back with a big boot and flying attack.  Neville then tried to slow down the action with a chin-lock after spending the commercial break tossing Aries around ringside.

After a missed Phoenix splash from the champ, Aries battled back with some stiff strikes, a gut buster, and an elbow drop.  The action spilled outside and Aries landed first a top rope smash and then a bottom rope running dive to his opponent.  After another back and forth which ended up with both men on the top rope, Aries landed a picture perfect flying dropkick for another 2-count.  As the match continued to go back and forth, Neville performed a vicious german suplex.

Neville went for another german duplex, this time the stalling type, but Aries reversed it, went for the discus elbow but Neville landed a savage kick and then eventually landed the stalling variety for a two count.  Neville then went for the Red Arrow and in an amazing offensive sequence from Aries, he landed a top rope hurricanrana, a running forearm, and then a scintillating 450 splash but still could not put the champ away.

Aries then locked in the Last Chancery but Neville about to tap, gouged Aries surgically repaired eye socket.  This gave Neville a chance to hit the Red Arrow for the victory.

Winner and still champion: Neville

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