WWE WrestleMania 33 Results: Triple H vs. Seth Rollins Highlights


What transpired in the showdown between Seth Rollins and his former mentor, Triple H at WrestleMania 33?

The writing has been on the wall for this match dating all the way back to August.  The night after SummerSlam, Triple H ruined Seth Rollins chances of becoming a 3-time WWE World Champion when he turned on his former protege, Pedigreeing him in the center of the ring which enabled Kevin Owens to pick up the victory.  Since then, “The Architect” has been dead set on getting his hands on “The Game” but he’s been shut down at every avenue.

But just when this match seemed to be a foregone conclusion, Rollins, during an attack from Triple H’s new henchman, Samoa Joe, re-injured his surgically repaired knee.  The attack, which occurred on January 30th, suddenly cast doubt as to whether or not Rollins would be able to compete come Wrestlemania.  This led to Hunter offering to fight Rollins in a non-sanctioned match due to the fact that the doctors wouldn’t clear him.

So now with Sunday here, there are a number of questions surrounding this match.  Is Rollins 100%?  Will Triple H have any sympathy for his former student?  Will Samoa Joe once again get involved?  Will a surprise person come to Seth’s aid if that happens?  It all went down at Mania and this is what happened.

The Game, accompanied by Stephanie McMahon was out first.  Amazing entrance.

And then “The Architect”.

As expected the two went right at each other at the bell and Rollins looked strong early.  Triple H took no time going after Rollins bad knee and they immediately began to brawl outside.

They spent just another minute before again going outside with 2 suicide dives via Rollins.

Seth quickly started to set up an announce table and looked to Pedigree his former mentor only for Hunter to counter with a DDT on the table.

Triple H then employed a chair, legal in this type of match to Rollins bad knee and then again.  The attack continued on Seth’s knee and it looked easy like Rollins had no chance.

Back in the ring, Triple H slowed things down while methodically tearing at that same knee.  After some more abuse, Rollins battled back flatlining Hunter into the middle turnbuckle.  He then went for the same move that destroyed his knee the first time, and he appeared to blow it out again.

Triple H went to capitalize with the pedigree, but Rollins countered with a buckle bomb.  After another exchange, the two went outside again.  Rollins courageously jumped from the ring post, taking out The Game.

Rollins then took out two chairs and a table.  Hunter retreated back inside and Rollins landed a beautiful frog splash but he continued to favor his knee.  The Game used one of the chairs to once attack Rollins’ knee then land a vicious spine buster for a very close 2 count.

Hunter then hooked a chair around Rollins’ knee, Stone Cold style, and stomped down.  Triple H then went to do the same from the top rope and took a chair in the face.  Rollins then landed a superplex and a falcon arrow for a 2-count.  Stephanie then got involved, tripping Rollins on the top rope which then led to a modified figure four from The Game.

Rollins fought free and tried a submission of his own but the knee wouldn’t hold up.  Triple H again with the chair to Rollins’ knee and locked in the same submission.  In looking for a weapon under the ring, the sledgehammer came free and Hunter couldn’t help himself.

Rollins thwarted the sledgehammer attempt and the two brawled in the center of the ring which ended in a vicious Triple H clothesline.

Triple H looked to close the show with the sledgehammer but Seth landed a huge enziguiri and claimed the weapon.  However, Stephanie stole the sledgehammer helping her husband land a Pedigree but an insane kick out from Rollins ensured.

Triple H then looked to Pedigree Rollins from the top rope but The Architect countered and then landed a beautiful Phoenix Splash which Triple H barely kicked out of.

The two went back and forth multiple times looking for The Pedigree and thwarted each other multiple times before Stephanie jumped onto the apron.  After and exchange, Rollins pushed Hunter into Steph who went through the table that was set up earlier.

This led to Rollins hitting The Pedigree for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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What did you think of this match at WrestleMania 33?