5 Potential Opponents for Brock Lesnar After WrestleMania 33

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After thirteen years of humiliation, Brock Lesnar has defeated Bill Goldberg. Now in possession of the Universal Championship, what’s next for the Beast Incarnate?

For the fifth time in his career, Brock Lesnar is on top of the wrestling mountain. Despite losing to Goldberg on two previous occasions, the Beast Incarnate managed to defeat his longstanding rival. With Goldberg seemingly riding off into the sunset, a whole new wave of contenders could step forward.

The beauty of having a part-time champion such as Lesnar is that it allows talent to be built up in his absence. When Seth Rollins was surging in popularity during the second-half of 2014, he was given center stage because Lesnar wasn’t present as champion. The Architect benefitted greatly from the exposure, which was in part a result of Lesnar’s part-time status. By giving superstars time to build themselves, it gives them more credibility for when they pursue the Universal Championship.

Another plus of having Brock Lesnar as champion is that it legitimizes the Universal Title. Even though Goldberg was a very popular attraction, his age made the run somewhat unrealistic. Still, in the eyes of a majority of fans, Lesnar was the only man capable of beating him. Now that Goldberg’s career appears to be over, which Raw superstar is capable of dethroning the Beast? Based off the run he’s had during the past few years, it’s safe to say the list is a very small one.

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Since he’s perceived to be such an immoveable monster, the man who defeats Lesnar will have instant credibility. That’s what this current era of superstars needs more than ever, and so beating the Beast is essential. Moving forward, here are five Raw superstars who have the potential to be the one to defeat Brock Lesnar.