5 Potential Opponents for Brock Lesnar After WrestleMania 33

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3. Roman Reigns

Two years ago, Roman Reigns entered WrestleMania 31 eager to win his first world championship. Up until that night, Reigns had been presented as a near-invincible athlete who could overcome any challenge. His opponent on that night was Brock Lesnar, who was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time.

In front of a hostile crowd, Reigns was battered and beaten by the most destructive force of the modern era. Taken down by a vast array of suplexes and four F5s, it seemed that Reigns’ time in the spotlight was over. Somehow, the Big Dog persevered and remained in the fight, and near the closing moments, it even seemed that a victory might be possible. WWE had other ideas, though, and it was Seth Rollins who walked out with the championship on that night.

Fast forward to today, and Roman Reigns is fresh off the biggest win of his career. Sending The Undertaker into retirement, the Big Dog is riding an incredible wave of momentum. Now with WrestleMania behind him, this is his opportunity to fight for the gold once again. A rematch between Lesnar and Reigns is big money, and we might see them collide in the near future.

The next Raw pay-per-view is Payback, and the main event could be these men engaging in their long-anticipated rematch. Like the other superstars on this list, Reigns has a good a chance as any to win. Also, he has the established history with the Beast which makes his possible victory more logical to the fans. Whatever the result, another battle between these two promises to excite.