5 Potential Opponents for Brock Lesnar After WrestleMania 33

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2. Samoa Joe

Since arriving on the scene earlier this year, Samoa Joe has been intent on causing as much destruction as possible. On the night he debuted, Joe immediately made an impact by injuring Seth Rollins and putting his WrestleMania status in doubt. The big man followed that up with a rivalry with Sami Zayn, where he displayed the same mean streak and ruthlessness that made him a star around the globe.

As of late, he has been a willing accomplice with Kevin Owens, but that could be set to change. Eventually, the competitor is going to grow tired of having made such easy work of the Raw roster. When that happens, Joe may decide that the Beast Incarnate is his next target.

Having established himself as a legitimate tough guy, Joe is the perfect candidate to face Brock Lesnar. A match between these two would be very physical, with both combatants likely leaving the arena heavily damaged. That’s the type of destructiveness fans want to witness, making a match between these two must-see.

Out of all of the men on this list, Joe seems to be the least likely to defeat the Beast. This isn’t a knock on him or his abilities, but rather based on the fact he is already a veteran of the industry. He doesn’t need to beat Lesnar to become a star, because he already is one. With that being said, that doesn’t mean Joe should be defeated easily either. Give these men ten minutes to produce something special, and the result will be a great match.

Should the Samoan Destroyer choose to face the Universal Champion, odds are he won’t emerge the victor. Still, Joe losing wouldn’t take away from what I’m sure would be an exciting contest.