5 Potential Opponents for Brock Lesnar After WrestleMania 33

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1. Seth Rollins

Now that his feud with Triple H is firmly behind him, Seth Rollins may decide he’s ready to compete for the Universal Championship. The last time he stood toe to toe with Lesnar was at the 2015 installment of Battleground. Things didn’t go as planned for the Architect on that night, as he was promptly introduced to Suplex City. Due to interference by The Undertaker, the match was declared a no-contest and Rollins avoided a loss.

While the past may have people believing the same would happen in a second encounter, this is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that Rollins has improved vastly as a performer since their last match. He’s a smarter athlete and knows better than to rush into the fray against Lesnar. By using his speed to his advantage, Rollins has a chance to defeat one of the toughest men on the roster.

If he does defeat the Beast, Rollins is an ideal choice to lead the Raw roster. As one of the most decorated men on Raw, he easily has the credibility to carry the Flagship show. The only question is, does WWE believe Rollins is the one to defeat Lesnar? Once that aura that the Beast possesses is finally extinguished, it’ll be quite the challenge to rebuild him. So once WWE makes the decision on who will beat the Universal Champion, they better be sure it’s the right one.

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