Jim Ross Re-Signs with WWE Under New Two-Year Deal


WWE Hall of Famer and former commentator Jim Ross has signed a two-year contract with WWE.

Many expected Jim Ross returning to the announce table at WrestleMania would be a one-off occasion. He helped in commentating the Reigns-Undertaker main event alongside Michael Cole and JBL.

However, it has been announced that he has signed a new two-year contract. The news broke during his live shows over the weekend, with Jeremy Borash as emcee.

FOX Sports pulled segments from the show:

"“It has a specific number of dates that I’m obligated to work, which I think is good for me […] So look at it this way: I got my jersey back. I got brought back to my home team, and my opportunities back in WWE, I’m sure, will be multi-fold.”"

It has almost been four years since we last saw JR in WWE. He was released back in 2013 due to unprofessional conduct at a WWE 2K14 event.

Since his departure, he has commentated for New Japan Pro Wrestling, serving as their English commentator on AXS TV. He has also commentated for WCPW and ITV’s ‘World of Sport’ Wrestling.

Despite having put pen to paper, the role he will undertake for the company is still unknown. Currently, WWE boasts up to nine commentators — 3 each on NXT, RAW and Smackdown Live. Due to this, it may be unlikely that Jim Ross will be returning to the announcer’s table.

Perhaps WWE have signed him on to a contract similar to that of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler — more of a part-timer. Or, he may slot into a more behind-the-scenes role. He already holds prior experience in similar roles, such as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

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With Jim Ross back, can we expect to see him on our televisions again in the weeks to come?