Kurt Angle Becomes WWE Raw General Manager (Video)


On Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw, Kurt Angle returned and gave fans a sight for sore eyes.

Once upon a time, Kurt Angle returning to WWE seemed like a pipedream. However, with his inclusion into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame, it not only brought him back to the company, but potentially opened up an avenue for him to appear on TV.

Angle being back on WWE programming after 11 years was a sight for sore eyes. It comes after a long stint in TNA and years of speculation, based around if he’d ever return to the company where it all began for him.

Well, on Monday’s episode of Raw, Angle made his long-awaited return. He would be introduced as the new Raw General Manager.

It started with Vince McMahon showing up in a limo, making his first WWE TV appearance in about one year. He entered the venue at the top of the 9:00 p.m. ET hour of the show and announced there would be a new Raw General Manager. He said it would be a 2017 WWE Hall of Famer, until Teddy Long came out. He got confused and was sent to the back, leading to Angle making his way out.

What a response for Angle, as expected. He got the “you suck” treatment from the wild fans, celebrating his return to WWE TV.

We now have a chance to see Angle in just about every episode of Raw, at least for his tenure as an authority figure. It’s something many will have no issue with, after he was away for so many years. That means to be prepared for the “you suck” chants.

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So are you happy to see Kurt Angle back on WWE programming? What could be next for him on Raw?