Roman Reigns Trolls the WWE Fans as Raw Starts (Video)


Roman Reigns waited out the crowd for 10 minutes, before giving them one line on Monday’s episode of WWE Raw after WrestleMania 33.

Roman Reigns is a polarizing figure. He’s not John Cena, but with the reactions he receives and how WWE handle him, it’s becoming that way. The negative crowd responses are more than anything Cena had during his time on top, however.

There was nothing seen during Cena’s run that topped what we saw for Reigns on Raw, though. This came during the night after WrestleMania 33.

At the Show of Shows, the Big Dog defeated The Undertaker in the main event. It seemed to signal the Dead Man’s retirement, with Reigns being the one to do the job. This is something you knew would generate a red-hot response on Raw, which became the case at the Amway Center.

The show opened with a video package for Undertaker, who did not appear. The crowd then chanted his name, before Reigns entered the arena to boos. That wasn’t it, however, as the WWE Universe chanted all sorts of obscenities at him for 10 minutes. Once Reigns got the chance to speak, he said, “This is my yard now.” He dropped the microphone in the ring and walked away.

Well, that was unexpected — not. Reigns was going to generate that kind of response from the moment the referee counted to three on Sunday night. Even some of the expletive-filled chants shouted at him didn’t surprise since this is always one of the hottest and ruthless crowds of the year.

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Roman Reigns did what he had to do on Raw and generated the response WWE wants. If you’re going to react, they’re going to keep throwing him out there.