Emma Returns on WWE Raw After WrestleMania 33 (Video)


After two lengthy transformations, Emma made her return to WWE on the Raw after WrestleMania 33.

Emma had one of the most interesting years in WWE in 2016, and she didn’t even do much. She suffered a back injury in May and sat out the next five months. However, WWE started playing vignettes for the redebut of “Emmalina.” This lasted for three months, with everyone anticipating when the Aussie Superstar would appear on Raw.

Well, Emmalina finally showed up, but only to say she’s going back to being “Emma.” That began the latest lengthy transformation, with everyone not knowing when she would return to WWE TV.

On the Raw after WrestleMania 33, Emma made her long-awaited “redebut,” even though she didn’t change her character through these months of waiting. She joined a six-woman tag match, teaming with Charlotte and Nia Jax to face Bayley, Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke.

This is nearly one year in the making for Emma, longer than anyone could have expected. She’s been healthy for over six months, so it’s surprising it took so long, even with the character transformations and reverses.

The Raw Women’s Division needed depth, though, with Bayley, Banks, Charlotte and Jax as the only four featured throughout the brand split. Brooke has mostly been on the outside and Alicia Fox moved to 205 Live last fall. So, Emma can fill in as heel depth, possibly getting a championship opportunity.

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Emma should make an impact in the Raw Women’s Division, even if it’s not a drastic one. An extra presence was needed, so it’s good to see this group of women grow. So, what could be next for her then?