5 Potential Opponents for Randy Orton After WrestleMania 33

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5. Shinsuke Nakamura

The King of Strong Style has bid farewell to NXT to which it fueled the rumors of a main roster call up.  Having Nakamura on Smackdown would be a great addition to an already talented roster.  With others such as AJ Styles (I don’t mind rematches) and Dolph Ziggler, a new dream match list is instantly made.  And believe me, Orton and Nakamura definitely went to the top end of my list.  This dream match is money.

Both men are great mat technicians; there is no doubt about that.  While Nakamura’s language barrier has posed no problems thus far, his mind games make up for that.  Orton may just meet his match when it comes to outsmarting Nakamura.  The psychology alone would make a great buildup and match.

Nakamura is one of the hottest acts in the entire company.  With someone of Nakamura’s reputation why not come in strong and have an outstanding feud with the WWE Champion?  There is no wrong with this feud at all.