5 Potential Opponents for Randy Orton After WrestleMania 33

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1. AJ Styles

Even though we seen these two tangle in the ring a few weeks back, I feel that there could have been much more to it than we got on Smackdown.  There is definitely a chance that these two could face off in the ring once more, and it would not be for the number one contendership, it will be for the Championship.

Stakes would be much higher for both men and a second match would definitely exceed expectations.  Considering that Styles is owed a rematch from his loss at the Royal Rumble I believe that the Phenomenal One will bide his time before he challenges the Viper.    Having the rematch on a bigger stage such as SummerSlam would be appropriate.

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I would love to see a great program between the two that led into the matchup for the Championship.  Out of all opponents Styles would be the one who could actually dethrone the Viper for his second Championship reign.  It can very well happen and just like with Cena, each match would be better than the last.  It’s AJ Styles after all.