4 Predictions for WWE Raw: April 3, 2017

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The Boss is Ready

I know I’ve been talking about this for weeks on end, but now is probably the time where Sasha Banks is going to pull the switch. It’s been teased for months now, and her loss last night serves as a perfect excuse for the heel turn.

She can say that Bayley cost her the championship because her “friend” was too selfish to save her. Fearing to lose the championship she never rightfully earned, the Boss could claim the title is hers. Bayley may simply be a placeholder in the Boss’s eyes, until the time is right for her to reacquire the gold.

When Sasha decides to go on ahead with the turn, it’ll bring a refreshing change to the Women’s Division. The same women have been presented the same way over the past several months, and the act is slowly starting to lose it’s luster. Raw has women who are practically filled with athletic talent and personality, and yet their character’s seem to be limited. These athletes need time to draw out an emotional storyline, with Bayley and Banks being the perfect candidates.

Once the two women begin feuding, fans will instantly start to ask where their match will take place. Logically, the ideal place to hold the contest would be at the upcoming Raw event Payback. That would give the creative team plenty of time to formulate a story that is both interesting and compelling. With the backstory already in line, Bayley and the Boss could create a strong rivalry. This would come to benefit them, as well as the Women’s Championship.