WWE WrestleMania 33: 5 Best Moments

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During what was a historic night for WWE, the men and women on the roster delivered an entertaining spectacle. Which moments stood above the rest at WrestleMania 33?

On Apr. 2, 2017, WWE presented the WrestleMania 33 event. Featuring an enticing thirteen matches, it was destined to be a night where moments were made. From shocking returns to stellar matches, there were a number of times where the crowd was on their feet. The fans watching from home were no different, with this WrestleMania no doubt delivering when it mattered most.

Despite the majority of the matches lacking a proper build, from the moment the bell rang each encounter meant something. There were title matches, definitive endings to feuds, and compelling action to satisfy even the most diehard fans in attendance.

While not all of these moments can make a presence on the top five list, it needs to be mentioned that this was a huge improvement over WrestleMania 32. What tonight showed is that the Brand Split does indeed seem to be working, even if at times it appears otherwise.

In particular, tonight featured a huge night in the life of John Cena. After rising to the occasion once again, Cena decided to propose to his girlfriend Nikki Bella. Whether you are a fan of the man or not, you cannot deny that the moment was heartfelt. The only negative from the segment is that it came after Miz and Maryse lost to the duo. Guess Miz is back to obscurity once again.

Oh, and I almost forgot Triple H’s incredible entrance, complete with his own police escort. Did I mention that they all rode motorcycles down to the ring? More and more I’m starting to learn that there are some nice perks to being one of the top officials of a sports entertainment company.

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So without further ado, here are the top five best moments from WrestleMania 33.