WWE WrestleMania 33: 5 Best Moments

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5. A Strong Start to WrestleMania

Going into WrestleMania 33, one of the biggest questions that arose revolved around the conditioning of Shane McMahon. At this time last year, he was involved in a slow and plodding affair with The Undertaker. Given that it was his first match back in seven years, Shane was allowed a bit of leeway with the fans.

What fans did take issue with was the fact that Shane was slated to face arguably the top superstar in WWE. His opponent, AJ Styles, has spent the past year delivering impressive performances and leading the Blue Brand.

No one could’ve predicted the polarizing run he would have when he debuted back at the 2016 Royal Rumble. This made his recent run of dominance all the more enjoyable, as he immediately made himself a household name. Because of his enormous success, fans felt like it was a demotion for him to face a non-wrestler such as Shane. Styles saw things differently, and heading into the event he appeared to have a very positive outlook.

Come WrestleMania, these two men were tasked with starting the show. Setting the stage for the rest of the event, it was imperative that these two deliver. They ended up doing just that, with both men fulfilling their part and providing a strong performance. Styles made Shane look every bit as worthy of an opponent as anyone else on the roster.

At the end of their match, the right man won in the form of Styles. The next time we see him on SmackDown Live, you can bet the Phenomenal One will gloat about this victory. As for Shane, he can hold his head high and look back on one of the better performances of his career.