WWE WrestleMania 33: 5 Best Moments

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1. The Last Outlaw Leaves WWE

For what will go down as the final time in his historic career, The Undertaker walked down the ramp at WrestleMania 33. Still, as menacing a threat as ever, he was set to combat the man who’s been claiming WWE is “his” yard. Roman Reigns had drawn the anger of the Deadman in the months preceding the event, with their feud beginning at the Royal Rumble. At the event, Reigns eliminated Undertaker and established that he viewed himself as the top dog in the company.

Taking exception to the comments, Undertaker entered WrestleMania with the mindset that he was going to teach the youngster a lesson. Instead, what he received was the fight of his life. Reigns went toe to toe with the Deadman throughout the contest. Proving he was every bit as tough as the veteran, the Big Dog looked like he belonged on that stage.

It took every bit of his power and determination, but Reigns was able to defeat The Undertaker. Out of twenty-five appearances at WrestleMania, this was only the second time that the Deadman was on the losing end of a match. With this loss, it would seem that his storied career is finally over. The feeling may be bittersweet, but the veteran went out the way he wanted to. If nothing else, he can look back on his career with his head held high.

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